Corporal Jose Angel Garibay


"Our brother Jose has been lifted out of the chaos of war and has been returned home to the waiting hands of God." 
Auxiliary Bishop Jaime Soto
 "It's clear that Jose has a lot of family and friends, judging by the number of people gathered here today." 
Urbano Garibay, Jose Garibay's uncle

"He is not only a hero for American people, but he's also a hero to Mexican-Americans everywhere because of his close ties to his heritage." 
Antonia Burciega, family friend in Costa Mesa

"I felt I should honor him. My son is in the Navy, a Catholic chaplain, and my daughter also is in the Navy." 
John Sweeney, Newport Beach

"I thought it was important to come, to support the family and support our country." 
Gianna Linnert, Costa Mesa

"He was a close friend, caring and proud to fight for what he believed in. He was like a brother to me." 
Aaron Maher, a high-school friend 
"All of us Marines are brothers regardless of when we served.  Every time one of our brothers dies in combat, we grieve for him and his family." 
Walt Penn, Riverside, Vietnam veteran 
"The entire community is grieving with the family. We're all feeling the pain. The worst thing that could ever happen to a mother is to lose a son." 
Angelina Gomez, Costa Mesa

"Jose paid the ultimate sacrifice by giving his life for this country. You don't have to know him to admire and honor that." 
Jorge Espinosa, Costa Mesa

"We're proud of the guy.  We wanted to support and pray for him." 
Jerry Kelly, Costa Mesa, 
whose son is a Navy rescue swimmer

 "I remember during the Vietnam War, people didn't always flock to soldiers' funerals. I'm just doing my part to make sure this isn't the case here." 
Joe Gutierrez,  Anaheim firefighter 

 "I wanted to bring my kids to the funeral to show them how a hero is honored. Hopefully, Jose will serve as a role model to my kids and to the other youth in the community." 
Victor Ramirez, Irvine

"We wanted to say goodbye to a young man who gave 
his life for us." 
Joseph Dunlea, Costa Mesa
Simona Garibay receives a U.S. flag from Maj. Brian Dolan during funeral services for her son, Cpl. Jose Angel Garibay, at Riverside National Cemetery, April 11, 2003. Cpl. Garibay, who was awarded posthumous citizenship, was buried Friday with full military honors. He was also named honorary Costa Mesa policeman after Chief Dave Snowden learned Garibay hoped to become a police officer after completing his military duties. Cpl. Garibay, a native of Mexico, was killed March 23 near Nasiriyah, Iraq
"He was very close to his mother, and you could tell he missed his dad (who had left the family). He was chunky in grade school but always very energetic, quiet and focused. And he always wore a backpack, even when he had nothing in it. He said he wanted to join the Marines to repay his mother for making him what he was."

Rosa Bautista, Costa Mesa, 
classmate in elementary through high school

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